Corporate Governance

At Al Ghurair Investment, we remain committed to fulfilling our responsibilities, developing best practices and reflecting our belief in good citizenship. Sound Corporate Governance is implicit in this philosophy; it is at the foundation of our core corporate culture, guiding how we do business.

Inspired by strong leadership, a visionary board and a commitment to driving sustainable excellence, we have raised the standard amongst family-owned business in the UAE with best-in-class practices and a structured governance framework.

Central to our Corporate Governance practice is our distinguished Board of Directors, comprising highly respected independent members of the UAE business community. The Board is responsible for setting the vision and strategic objectives of the group, reviewing overall performance and appointing and overseeing the Executive Committee.

Our Executive Committee implements the strategic vision defined by the Board, developing aligned plans and programmes to execute and embed strategy.

Our Audit Committee provides assistance to the Board in fulfilling responsibilities pertaining to the accounting and financial reporting process, as well as the audit of the Group's financial statements.

The chief responsibility of our HR Committee is the establishment of appropriate human resources policies and strategies that ensure employee welfare, include proper succession planning and encourage leadership development.

In addition, Business specific committees are set up as required to advise on key operational and strategic opportunities or challenges that may arise across the business.