Our Purpose

For more than 60 years, the Al Ghurair family has built a reputation for being pioneers for innovation, change, and progress, driven by a relentless desire to facilitate meaningful change, for all, Today, these elements remain innately at the heart of our company, as true today as they were more than six decades ago.

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Leadership Message

At Al Ghurair Investment, we are as diverse as our businesses. But we are bound together – across international borders and business ventures – by our shared Purpose. Over the last six decades, Al Ghurair Investment has evolved into a powerhouse, driven by both integrity and innovation. This is a reputation built over time and a legacy of which we are deeply proud.

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Leadership Team

Al Ghurair was built from the inside out, with family values at the heart. Our leadership team has a long history of enterprise with our bold vision leading the way. The strength lies in our diversity, ingenuity and the collective pursuit of excellence.

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Corporate Governance

At Al Ghurair Investment, we remain committed to fulfilling our responsibilities, developing best practices and reflecting our belief in good citizenship. Sound Corporate Governance is implicit in this philosophy; it is at the foundation of our core corporate culture, guiding how we do business.

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GCEO Message

Welcome to Al Ghurair Investment! 

As Group Chief Executive Officer (GCEO) of Al Ghurair Investment (AGI), I am both privileged and proud to have been entrusted with leading the next chapter of this prestigious company’s 60+ year history. 

From its modest beginnings as a trading business in Dubai more than six decades ago, today, AGI is a highly regarded regional business, with a reputation for growing with respect, humility and community focus. 

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Our Vision

When the Al Ghurair family started this business, more than six decades ago, it was to support the progress and development of the ‘new Dubai’ as envisaged by the country’s ambitious and visionary leadership. From nourishing the nation with the country’s first flour mill, to enabling greater financial independence with the first bank, to expanding consumer choice with Dubai’s first mall, the family is recognised as playing a pivotal role in the evolution of the UAE…a country now globally renowned for progress, innovation and future-thinking.

From modest beginnings as a trading business, today, Al Ghurair is a respected regional group of businesses, with a reputation for growing with respect, humility and community focus. Our legacy is engrained into the DNA of Al Ghurair, and the nation itself; now, we take it with us as we embark on an exciting transformational journey that will shape our next chapter.

By respecting the past, we look to reshape the future, to become ‘One Al Ghurair’, a business that is progressive, people-oriented, value-creating and driven by sustainable excellence.

Building on our history, and heading towards the future, our Vision is clear:

“Pioneers in the pursuit of better to enhance life, every day.”