Our sincere congratulations to Dr Arturo Lujan Featured

02 June 2022, Dubai, UAE:

Our sincere congratulations to Dr Arturo Lujan, CEO of Al Ghurair Ventures, on being presented his Doctorate Degree last week! Awarded in recognition of his extensive commitment to business transformation and community impact, the Council of Doctors voted unanimously for Dr Arturo to receive this prestigious distinction of Doctorate Honoris Causa in the historic house of knowledge, Ateneo of Madrid, in Spain.

Arturo comments: “My first words must express my immeasurable gratitude to the Council of Doctors for this generous accolade. My humble thanks must also extend to my family, and my professors and classmates in both Wharton School of Business and Harvard Business School, for nurturing my passion for lifelong learning. I am honoured to receive this recognition, and proud to stand amongst my esteemed and accomplished colleagues in Al Ghurair Investment, in Dubai, UAE.”

During his decades-long career, Arturo has held transformational leadership roles across five continents, driving change, innovation and sustainable impact. In each of Arturo’s leadership roles, he has successfully transformed businesses into financially successful, people-centric and community-driven companies, admired by customers and recognised amongst the Top 10 Best Places to Work in their respective countries.

Arturo continues: “It’s my intrinsic belief that, for those of us who have a calling for business, we have a privileged opportunity to make a bigger impact. Financial results are not the only measures of a successful company: we must also consider the experience of our customers, the happiness of our people, the impact we make on the communities we serve, as well as the world we are leaving behind for future generations. Hence, we can, and should, do Good, whilst also doing Well.

The opportunity to learn never ends; I look forward to continuing both my own educational and professional journey, and to encourage others with their own journeys to become the best versions of themselves – from my family, to my team, to my peers and friends in Al Ghurair Investment. Knowledge is a meaningful gift, and one that should be shared generously, to allow ideas, minds and people to flourish!”

Congratulations Dr Arturo Lujan – from all of us in Al Ghurair!