Gulf News: AGC celebrates 40 years! Featured

40 years ago, the UAE - still a nascent nation at just 10 years old – had an ambitious vision, with the country focused and determined to build the infrastructure required to realise it.

As people from around the globe started to take notice of the UAE’s progress, the Al Ghurair family realised the potential in the market for a community centre that met the needs of a growing, and more diverse, population.

Thus was born Al Ghurair Centre, launched in 1981 - the first modern shopping mall in the Middle East, laying the ground for the emergence of a new shopping culture in the country, which would eventually become the world-class retail destination that it is today.

In a new article with Gulf News, Al Ghurair Centre celebrates 40 years of success, as, today, it retains its allure as a must-visit shopping destination.