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A forensic knowledge of trade and manufacturing processes, combined with 40 years experience, has made Al Ghurair Resources a key player in the field of agricultural commodities. We specialize in the Grains, Oils & Proteins and Pulses sectors, providing agricultural raw materials to manufacturers and traders of foods, bio-fuels and feed.

Our Storage Capacity at a glance

UAE: Grains 300,000 MT Meal 75,000 MT Oil 35,000 MT

EOCD Edible Oil Company crushing plant Grains 60,000 MT Meal 40,000 MT Oil 15,000 MT

Algeria: Grains 60,000 MT

Sudan: Grains 80,000 MT

Lebanon: Grains 15,000 MT

Our Crushing and Extraction Capacity at a glance

Soya beans 4500 MT/day

Canola 3200 MT/day


    Al Ghurair Resources is a major supply chain provider of wheat, maize, pulses and barley, securing a continuous supply of superior raw materials at the most competitive prices. This enables us to service our own milling requirements; aggregate demand in the Gulf region and distribute the highest quality products to customers worldwide. More

    Oils & proteins

    Our state-of-the-art processing plant produces premium quality oils for a vast number of applications from industrial to nutritional and beyond. With a crushing capacity of 4500 tonnes of soy bean and 3200 tonnes of canola seed daily, we fulfill the needs of customers all over Europe, the Middle East and Asia.



    Servicing the Retail and Bulk markets.



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