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Al Ghurair Foods has been supplying the global food industry with bulk products for over 3 decades. We supply manufacturers and private labels with the vital ingredients they need to keep their customers satisfied.

At a glance

Every year we produce more than:

1.5 million MT of flour

31,000 MT of oats

200 million eggs

The reputation of any manufacturer is highly dependent on the quality of the ingredients they use. Al Ghurair Foods has deep and broad experience in the refinement, packing and shipping of bulk foods; an end-to-end commitment to enhancing the value chain on behalf of its industrial customers, as well as the quality of the end product in the eyes of the consumer.

We supply flour, pasta, noodles, eggs and oats in high volumes and to more than 20 markets. Not only do we work with food manufacturers, but we also serve other industrial sectors – such as snack factories, fast food chains, re-packers and paint manufacturing sector – with essential ingredients for their production lines. Our maize, corn grits and cornflour are found in many branded and private label snack foods throughout the world.


Al Ghurair Foods LLC
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