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Animal Nutrition

High quality Animal Nutrition has been an important component of our Foods enterprise since 1987. Today we produce a wide range of products including livestock feeds, mono-gastric feeds and premixes.

At a glance

Feeds product spectrum:

Livestock feeds

Mono-gastric feeds


Bran (loose pellets)


We produce for:

Cattle farms

Poultry farms


Animal owners

The best raw materials and most stringent technical standards ensure that our Animal Nutrition products are the finest the market has to offer. Al Ghurair Foods can produce 310 metric tonnes of Animal Nutrition ingredients every day. Canola and Soya Meals are the main source of protein and, as a result, this core ingredient is in high demand by cattle and poultry farms, fisheries and feed producers around the world.

Our processed Feed – livestock feeds, mono-gastric feeds and premixes – are aimed primarily at animal farms, stables and pet food retail outlets. Apart from these, our focus is on Fibres such as Bran (loose pellets), Oaten Hay and Alfa Alfa which are supplied mainly to animal owners, farms and stables.The animal nutrition wing of Al Ghurair Foods provides for all the needs of animal feed millers throughout the GCC, wider Middle East and Asia, as well as government establishments in the Gulf and neighbouring territories.


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