Energy Management UAE

Al Ghurair Energy is an active and trusted partner within the oil & gas, refining & petrochemicals and trading sector. With capabilities for developing joint venture initiatives with private and national oil companies, investing in and upgrading the complexity of our refinery and energy trading across multiple regions, we aim to continue strengthening through the team development of committed high performers.

Our capabilities at a glance

A member of Dubai Multi Commodity

Centre (DMCC)

220,000 BPD refinery in Ras Lanuf, Libya

Upcoming 100,000 BPD refinery in Port Qasim, Pakistan

A fleet of MR and LR sizes oil product tankers on term and spot charters

Storage Capacity in strategic trading locations

Experienced and committed team

Products that we trade

Various Crude Oil grade

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)




Motor Gasoline (Mogas)

Jet A1/Kerosene


Fuel Oil

Bunker grade RMG 380CST

Bunker grade RME 180CST


80/100 PEN

85/100 PEN

60/70 PEN

In bulk and drums.

Oil & gas

As owner of drilling rigs around the world, Al Ghurair offers a strategic platform for making joint ventures with private and national oil companies to explore and develop the undeveloped fields for production. We provide drilling/production services such as well testing, well logging, cementing and acidizing, engineering and programming, reservoir management, directional drilling (vertical and horizontal) and hydraulic fracture. We can be a partner for project implementation to enhance field production, giving access to the most updated and most accurate modeling tools to help our clients evaluate their reserves and knowledge with respect to the most optimized production rates. Al Ghurair aims to participate in oil and gas concessions whereby we command a deeper insight and control over the whole chain of activities.

Refining & Petrochemicals

Al Ghurair is an active investor within the refining and petrochemicals industry. We own and operate a 220,000 BPD refinery in Libya in partnership with Libyan National Oil Co (entity called LERCO – Libyan Emirates Refining Co.) We are presently undertaking the revamp, and upgrading the complexity of the refinery. In addition to the LERCO initiative, we are planning to construct a 100,000 BPD refinery in Port Qasim, Pakistan.

Energy Trading

The group has an official energy trading and marketing arm which affiliates closely with its existing and future refineries. We are a registered trading counterpart with the regional national oil companies, refiners and major trading houses. Value creation through third party trading activities, leveraging on the production of the existing and the upcoming refineries and building everlasting profitable ventures with our trading counterparts are high in our mission agenda. We also provide clients with logistical solutions by leveraging on our leased storage facilities across the region as well as a fleet of term-chartered oil tankers of various sizes. With the support of our parent company, Al Ghurair, one of the largest diversified industrial groups within the Middle east, and powered by a team with experience and enthusiasm, our market coverage spans from Middle east, North Africa, Mediterranean, Indian Ocean, East Africa, Indian Subcontinent to South East Asia.


Al Ghurair Energy LLC
P.O. Box 6999, Dubai, UAE,
T: 04-2029767
F: 04-2942664

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