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In the quarter century since our inception we have successfully delivered more than Thirteen million cubic metres of RMC to construction projects in Dubai alone.

Readymix at a glance

Presence in UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar

More than 1000 m3 per hour

1.8 million m3 per annum

BS and ASTM standards testing

ISO 9001 certified for Quality Management System

ISO 14001 for Environmental Management System

OHSAS 18001 for Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series

The production and supply of Readymix concrete for infrastructure projects has been a core focus of Al Ghurair’s construction activity since 1985.With a leading presence in United Arab Emirates,Saudi Arabia(Riyadh) & Qatar and with a production capacity of more than 1000 cubic metres per hour, the Al Ghurair Construction- Readymix plants are fully computerized and the most sophisticated of their kind in the Gulf – and you don’t have to take our word for it. Our computer printouts are given to customers as delivery notes, clearly indicating the batched weights of all ingredients. Concrete proof you might say – and complete peace of mind. Production and quality control are paramount at Al Ghurair Construction-Readymix. All incoming raw materials for Readymix are tested to the most rigid standards. Water is tested to BS 3148; Cement is subjected to monthly physical tests and chemical analysis to ensure consistent quality and compliance to BS and ASTM standards. Aggregates are checked daily for grading and other important properties, again to BS and ASTM standards.

Many other physical and chemical tests are carried out weekly and monthly in our fully equipped laboratory – and at a completely independent laboratory at frequent intervals. Washed Sand is tested for chlorides, sulphates and silt content by Dubai Municipality who must give approval before the sand is used.Even though all incoming raw materials are subjected to such rigorous examination, the Outgoing Concrete is not exempted from similar scrutiny. All loads leaving the plant are checked for correct slump and workability. Concrete Cubes are prepared according to BS 1881, cured indoors in special curing tanks and then tested for compressive strength. All results are registered in order to monitor and study the concrete’s performance.Such attention to detail over many years has earned the Al Ghurair Construction-Readymix operations, the renowned ISO 9001 accolade for design, production and supply of ready mix concrete – and more importantly for us, the trust of you, the customer.


Al Ghurair Construction - Readymix LLC
P.O. Box 158, Dubai, UAE,
T: +971 4 3502100 / 338 1731
F: +971 4 3502196 / 338 1243

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Al Ghurair Construction & Readymix Saudi LLC
P.O. Box 259223, P. Code 11351
Al Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
T +966 1462 9200
F +966 1464 0092

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Al Ghurair Construction - Readymix WLL
P.O. Box 55319,
Doha, Qatar
T +974 44 66 66 95
F +974 44 68 70 87

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