The Japanese just love their noodles – and have a keen palate for pasta. But the noodles are not exclusively ‘made in Japan’ and the pasta doesn’t all come from Italy. A sizeable proportion of both is imported from the UAE and carries the name of Al Ghurair Foods.

In fact our Foods Division supplies Noodles to 18 different countries and Pasta to 36. Not to mention Edible Oils, Flour, Oats and a host of pre-packed consumer favorites. Our food products are on the shelves of 50 countries on four continents – and our premium brand Jenan is set to become an international household name.

But the commitment of Al Ghurair Foods to serve customers worldwide is not an isolated foray for parent group, Al Ghurair Investment. As a Dubai-based family business we are proud to be thought of as “local”. But, in reality, we “think global” and have a growing presence in the international marketplace.

In fact Al Ghurair is already one of the most diversified industrial enterprises in the Middle East, with a direct presence in 20 countries. Our Business Units range from Construction, Foods and Resources to Properties, Retail, Printing, Energy and even Education.

Al Ghurair Foods services clients throughout Asia, Africa, India and the Middle East. The aforementioned pasta and noodles are household favorites not only in Japan but in China, the Philippines, Taiwan, Korea, India, Vietnam, Singapore, the GCC and North Africa. We produce pasta in bulk for Australia, Pakistan and Angola; supply oats to India and South Africa – and have our own flour mills in Sri Lanka, Sudan and Lebanon.

Al Ghurair Resources is a key player in agricultural commodities. As a major supply chain provider of wheat, maize, pulses and barley, it secures raw materials for clients worldwide. The Division specializes in crushing soyabean, canola and sunflower seeds – servicing the bio-diesel industry in Europe, human demand throughout the Middle East and South East Asia, and the animal nutrition sector worldwide.

Al Ghurair Construction has an established reputation in all key areas of construction, with its Aluminium, Foundations, Readymix and Masonry units involved in world-renowned projects – including Burj Khalifa and Dubai Metro. As a result, our Construction teams are in high demand in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Iran, Turkmenistan and India – where we have offices in Chennai and Mumbai..

Al Ghurair’s Energy Operations span the Middle East, North and East Africa, the Indian Ocean, South-East Asia and Europe. We are a trusted partner within the Oil & Gas and Refining & Petrochemicals sectors. We also have an official energy trading and marketing arm. Our Energy activities include joint venture initiatives with private and national oil companies, and energy trading across multiple regions.

Al Ghurair Printing & Publishing was a Gulf print pioneer whose capabilities and reach today are unmatched in the Middle East. With branch offices in London, Nairobi and Afghanistan – and representative offices in Mozambique, Nigeria and Ethiopia – AGPP serves Africa, all GCC and Pan-Arab countries, the United Kingdom, Europe and beyond.

Al Ghurair Retail has been bringing world-class brands to the Gulf since 1999 – many now located in Al Ghurair Centre. Al Ghurair Properties also serves the needs of global clients through its Hospitality, Residential and Commercial portfolios. And Al Ghurair’s Commitment to Education sends young Emiratis out into the world from Al Ghurair University which is partnered with international academic institutions.

The parent group of all these enterprises is Al Ghurair Investment LLC which is committed to yet more overseas expansion and international activity, enhancing lives with values, products and services that have stood the test of time both at home and abroad.

Becoming a global company does not come quickly or easily. But when you follow the example of a tiny pearl fishing village that transformed itself into an iconic world destination; when your roots are in Dubai; then – as an old pearl diver might say – the world truly is your oyster...