Al Ghurair’s family of employees is made up of many nationalities and religions – but all embrace Ramadan as a special time which strengthens our bonds and brings out the best in us. Most of all, it’s a time to reflect on our many blessings – and to give a helping hand to the less fortunate. Ramadan may be a time of spiritual renewal for Muslims, but the ‘Spirit of Ramadan’ uplifts us all.

And so it was in 2013, when the spirit and ‘joy of giving’ propelled us into action once again, with Al Ghurair supporting a Foods Charity Drive to distribute more than 3000 food parcels and Iftar meals to families and fishermen.

Fatigued, fasting, and fighting blistering heat, a 30-strong team of volunteers spent a weekend  in July bringing food and friendship to the deserving and disadvantaged in Sharjah and Dubai – with Al Ghurair Foods donating rice, oats, spaghetti, pasta, noodles, flour and oil to the cause.

The Holy Month also marked the Ramadan Charity Drive, organized by Al Ghurair in conjunction with the Dubai Charity Association. For the fifth successive year, the parties donated clothes, accessories, household items, toys and books to needy families and local charities.

But charity does not end with Ramadan. It’s a year-round commitment at Al Ghurair. From Tsunami victims in Thailand, to Earthquake casualties in Pakistan and Japan; hungry schoolchildren in Africa to diabetics in our UAE homeland, Al Ghurair’s commitment to giving is a cornerstone of our Corporate Social Responsibility programs.

In 2012 Dubai Chamber of Commerce applauded our efforts to translate CSR into concrete actions that enhance people’s lives. Al Ghurair Foods does that through its partnership with ‘Dubai Cares’ School Feeding Campaign which encourages school attendance in developing countries by providing a nutritious daily meal.

The Foods Division also promotes healthy and active lifestyle choices, including the decade-long ‘Fruit a Day’ Campaign – while Al Ghurair Corporate supports Blood Donation Units, Women’s Wellness Days plus Diabetes and Breast Cancer Awareness Campaigns.

Participating in many of those efforts is Al Ghurair Centre, the UAE’s very first shopping mall. This Dubai landmark is not only a commercial development but a much loved social and community hub endorsing Welfare, Education and Environmental campaigns.

Throughout the year Al Ghurair and its employees give generously of their time, their resources and their expertise. Employees even dig into their own pockets – as Al Ghurair Retail staff did to repair, furnish and provide school books to a shanty town orphanage in Sri Lanka! 

But the ‘Spirit of Giving’ does not imply a one-way transaction. It’s not a burden but a benefit. The joy of helping the needy is hard to quantify. Suffice to say that it does good and it feels good. At Al Ghurair we’ve long recognized a simple but universal truth. During Ramadan, and throughout the year, it truly is ‘more blessed to give….than to receive’.