Al Ghurair Retail has been earmarked as an important source of potential new growth as the Gulf sector continues to expand and the UAE consolidates its position as the region’s most sophisticated retail market. Parent Group Al Ghurair Investment is constantly seeking fresh opportunities and recognizes the increasingly important role of Retail in the UAE economy – particularly Dubai, where it contributes 12% of GDP.

Throughout the GCC the Retail market is largely based on a franchising model and is characterized by the presence and success of international brands. It now has the second highest market penetration after the UK, attracting 53% of internationally recognized brand retailers.

The company vision of Al Ghurair Retail is threefold: To be a centre of excellence in franchise partnership operating globally-renowned retail brands; to operate franchise brands in a manner that exceeds partners’ expectations and standards; and to be a preferred partner of choice for real estate developers and mall leasing managers.

Al Ghurair Retail enjoys excellent win-win working relationships with all its partners. Dedicated Brand Managers ensure that all brand values and messages are delivered consistently and in harmony with the brand principal’s own. The focus is always on creating long-term, sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships.

Our current flagship brands include Springfield, Triumph and THEFACESHOP – all of whom have gone from strength to strength since becoming franchise partners of Al Ghurair Retail. The company has represented Springfield since 2000 and has been praised by the brand as a strategically important partner.

Triumph International has acknowledged Al Ghurair Retail’s well-managed shops and excellent teamwork while THEFACESHOP says that Al Ghurair’s “high performance in running brand shops in the UAE continues to expand THEFACESHOP business in the Middle East”. All are confident of further Gulf growth – and an examination of the GCC Retail landscape bears them out.

It also explains why three more international names have recently joined the Al Ghurair Retail stable, taking the number of flagship brands to six. Iconic French fashion label Morgan De Toi, UK-based lingerie chain Boux Avenue and ‘mother and child’ brand Prenatal have joined the company at an exciting time. An expansion program means that Al Ghurair Retail’s regional footprint will increase by more than half in 2015, with the current 60-plus stores in the UAE, Qatar and Kuwait increasing to almost 100. This reflects the rise and rise of retail in the Gulf which has shown a level of growth second only to the oil industry. In the five years to 2015, retail sales across the GCC were expected to increase by 8.3% to reach $240 billion. Within the UAE, sales are tipped to grow by 8% every year until 2017. Demand remains strong from international franchises – and a number of flagship stores, ranging from luxury to medium and value brands, are entering the market.

Al Ghurair Retail helped pioneer the franchise concept in the UAE and is credited with playing an important role in Dubai’s emergence as a major international retail hub. The company passionately believes in bringing world class brands to our corner of the world – and managing them to the same industry standards that make them unique and appealing to consumers in their home countries. Roll on Retail….