Until recently CSR was a little-known acronym – especially in the Gulf and wider Middle East. Today, an increasing number of people know that it stands for Corporate Social Responsibility

To Al Ghurair, CSR is more than a business buzz phrase finally gaining traction in boardrooms across the UAE. That’s because we were in at the very beginning – when CSR was virtually unknown in the region.

In 2012 the company’s role in developing CSR was recognized by Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry who applauded our efforts to communicate the corporate responsibility message. Commitment to CSR was translated into concrete actions that touch people’s lives; give back to the community – and make our employees proud of what they do.

Al Ghurair Foods’ partnership with ‘Dubai Cares’ School Feeding Campaign enhanced our commitment to education and health in developing countries. Prioritized by the United Nations as urgent, the campaign incentivized parents to send their children to school by providing a nutritious daily meal.

Closely related to Food operations is Al Ghurair Resources which provides grains, pulses, oils and proteins for the global marketplace. Even in difficult economic times, the Resources Division never lowers standards. Our quality grains are sourced only from regions with the richest soils – ensuring uniform quality and high nutritional values.

Al Ghurair Printing & Publishing has been a pioneer of print for more than 30 years. It is the leading printer of educational materials for the Middle East and much of Africa where it impacts many lives by providing books in braille.

Education is especially important to Al Ghurair – and that’s why the company set up Al Ghurair University, a unique community-orientated institution. Commonly known as ‘AGU’, the University is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of young Emiratis.

Another Dubai “institution” is Al Ghurair Centre, the UAE’s very first shopping mall. Part of Al Ghurair Properties, this much-loved Dubai landmark has provided a social and community hub – endorsing welfare, wellness, education and environmental campaigns.

Landmarks don’t come any bigger than Burj Khalifa, world’s tallest building and a keynote project for Al Ghurair Construction. But it was another milestone that  dramatically enhanced the lives of millions in three great cities.

Our pivotal contribution to Dubai Metro led to further metro contracts in the historic Indian city of Chennai and the futuristic city of Lusail in Qatar. As a result, the daily commuting experience of seven million people has been transformed for generations to come.

Transformations of a different kind are provided by TheFaceShop, the popular cosmetic brand of Al Ghurair Retail. Theirs was a business venture with a distinctly social twist – to serve the UAE’s army of hard-working ex-pat women by providing quality cosmetics at a price they could afford.   

Few activities require socially responsible stewardship more than energy production – and Al Ghurair Energy keeps the wheels of industry and commerce turning. Operating in Oil & Gas, Refining & Petrochemicals and Energy Trading, the Division is committed to meeting the energy needs of nations – but equally committed to safe and ethical guardianship of these most precious of assets.  

Al Ghurair staff members are our most precious assets – and embrace CSR initiatives with enthusiasm and vigor. They are voluntary participants in our Ramadan Care & Share Campaign and many other CSR activities dedicated to sustainable business practices. For sustainability is ultimately about caring. For people, for the planet… and for its scarce God-given resources.

That’s why Al Ghurair – also known as Al Ghurair Investment LLC – is a leading member of Dubai Chamber’s Sustainability Network; its Waste Management and Resource Efficiency Task Group; and a special advisory panel which helps shape policy for the Government of Dubai.

All these activities take time, resources and expertise. But Corporate Social Responsibility is not a burden. It’s a benefit. Working for a better Society; a sustainable future for our children. It makes good business sense to support the communities that support you. But more important than that, ultimately …..it’s the right thing to do.