It’s a riddle that has occupied the finest scientific minds for a millennium and more: Which came first – the chicken or the egg? Even the brightest brains at Al Ghurair Foods might be reluctant to enter that particular debate. But it’s fair to say that’s probably the ONLY thing about chickens and eggs that our ‘poultry people’ don’t know for certain.

What they do know is that, at the heart of every egg is a rich, golden yolk full of goodness, rich in natural proteins, low in saturated fats and packed with essential vitamins, natural calcium and minerals. These eggs come from hens which are fed a 100% natural vegetarian diet, produced by Al Ghurair’s very own feed mill in Jebel Ali.

This guarantees a consistently high nutritional value and quality which is reflected in the great taste of fresh farm eggs. They are gathered, sorted, packed and transported under the strictest hygiene and temperature-controlled conditions – and all within minutes of being laid right here at our own poultry farm in the UAE.

Delivered fresh to the market every morning, the eggs produced by Al Ghurair Foods are the healthiest, most nutritious way to start the day. The eggs are available in environmentally friendly bio-degradable packaging that details production date, expiry date and even the size and weight of the eggs – right on top of the box for the customer to see.  

Al Jebel Poultry Farm began operations in 2002 and today has the largest and most technologically-advanced poultry farm in the UAE, with double the capacity of any other operator. The farm is the only one with a Liquid Eggs production facility and also the only one supplying the Foodservice sector – including 5-star hotels and Airline in-flight catering. 

Using the latest industry technology, the company produces 200 million eggs per annum – that’s more than half a million every single day. From chicken rearing to egg production, collection, packaging and delivery, the quality control supply chain is unbroken.    

This unwavering commitment to our customers’ dietary needs and culinary enjoyment is symptomatic of all the activities of Al Ghurair Foods. Health and Wellbeing are of critical importance to us and the poultry business is no exception. We are constantly looking at ways of enhancing nutritional values and healthy lifestyles – and Eggs with Omega 3 is the Poultry operation’s contribution to that cause. 

We diversified our food offerings to include the Omega 3 variety which helps to address the serious problems of diabetes and high cholesterol levels in the GCC and beyond. They also help fight the increasing problem of obesity by maintaining high energy levels and keeping hunger at bay for longer. Today the Al Jebel Poultry Farm is the largest producer of Omega 3 eggs in the entire Gulf.   

Little wonder that eggs have been described as a ‘miracle food’. Fried, poached, scrambled or boiled, they are little ‘power packs’of delicious nutritional goodness – ‘pre-packed’ by nature and ready to eat in less than five minutes. Al Ghurair Foods’ own brands are Jenan, Emirates, Dubai, Al Reef and Bustan.

We like to think that we have anticipated every customer preference. We have white eggs, brown eggs, and eggs in myriad sizes including very small, small, medium, large, extra large and XX large – even eggs guaranteed to have a double yolk. And that’s no eggs-aggeration!  

All our eggs provide the perfect start to the day for hundreds of thousands of consumers across our principal markets of the UAE, Oman and Qatar. Our clients include egg traders, wholesalers, bulk buyers, retailers, distributors, restaurants, private labels, food manufacturers, HORECA and catering companies.

What all our customers know for sure is that eggs produced by Al Ghurair Foods are defined by our commitment to quality, taste and healthy lifestyle choices. But if they’re still wondering whether it’s the chicken or the egg that came first, the answer is.....neither. At Al Ghurair, it’s always been you, the customer.