Hotels are an intrinsic part of the travel experience – but can soon make one yearn for the cosy familiarity of home. Imagine having the best of both worlds; all the comforts of home combined with the convenience of staying in a hotel. The Hotel Apartments sector was created to fill that niche. And for visitors to Dubai, one name stands out as the ultimate ‘home from home’ – Nojoum.

Nojoum is Arabic for ‘stars’ and Nojoum Hotel Apartments has lived up to the name by becoming a star performer in this segment of the hospitality industry. Returning guests represent a good barometer of a hotel’s popularity, and Nojoum is a perennial favorite with visitors from throughout the Arabian Gulf and beyond. .

Families in particular seek out Nojoum for its family-friendly atmosphere. They come from all over the Middle East to enjoy an ambience that combines safety and security with peace and relaxation. The Apartments are at or near full occupancy during Ramadan, Eid and other holidays. And at any time of the year, families make up nearly 50% of the hotel’s guest list.

A particular attraction of Nojoum Hotel Apartments is its status as a non-alcohol establishment, which gives parents the comfort of knowing that they will not be exposed to raucous or boisterous behavior. Indeed it is not only Arab visitors who seek out Nojoum – an increasing number of Western guests also prefer a ‘dry’ environment.

But, irrespective of nationality, visitors repeatedly cite the same plus factors when reviewing Nojoum Hotel Apartments on Trip Adviser, Booking.Com and other respected internet travel sites – “great service”….”fantastic location”…..”welcoming and comfortable” to name but a few.

From the perspective of Nojoum’s owners, Al Ghurair Properties, their mission is to provide a contemporary lifestyle fusing all the requirements of modern living with a distinct flavor of Arabian Hospitality. Warmth and comfort are key and reflected in all aspects of Nojoum’s interior design and furnishings, from reception to the outdoor pool.

No aspect of the apartments would lead a visitor to believe he or she was in anything other than a comfortable private home. Stylish furniture, soft lighting and individual artwork in the living room and dining area; fully equipped kitchen and well-appointed bedroom. But step outside the private domain, and all the facilities of a deluxe hotel are a few steps away.

Yet even here, care has been taken to retain the intimate family atmosphere. The gymnasium has an eco-friendly design; the pool is warmly lit and inviting; the public areas friendly and accessible – and the soon-to-be Spa styled for maximum comfort, pampering and relaxation.

However it is not the elegant design or comprehensive facilities that make Nojoum Hotel Apartments stand out in the crowded hotel market that is Dubai. Ultimately it is the people. The management and staff who treat visitors like a guest in their very own home; who welcome you like a long-lost friend; go out of their way to meet every request – and provide little unexpected delights at every turn.

Perhaps it’s wholly appropriate that Nojoum is named after the stars. Whether a first-time or regular visitor; a short or long-term resident; a tourist, business traveler or extended family group….. you’ll certainly be made to feel like one.