When Al Ghurair Construction was first approached over the Dubai Metro project in the early years of the 21st century, the stakes could not have been higher. For this was to become much more than a light rail network. It would signal the start of an entirely new era for Dubai’s transport services – one that would go on to enhance the daily lives of the emirate’s citizens. At work, at rest, and at play.

Transport infrastructure may not be the most romantic of construction flagship projects – yet it is the beating heart of any modern city; the pulsating veins that provide the lifeblood for business, education, recreation, social and family life. Delivering millions of residents quickly, safely and efficiently around their beloved Dubai was not only a necessity – it was a huge responsibility for all involved.

What was needed was a Metro for the new Millennium – a gleaming masterpiece of transport engineering that would improve the travel experience of commuters for generations to come. That’s what was promised by Dubai’s visionary leadership – and that’s what was delivered.

Today Dubai Metro is the world’s longest fully-automated driverless train system and has earned many accolades, including a Best Sustainable Transport Infrastructure award. Al Ghurair Construction was at the heart of that infrastructure – with the Readymix Division praised by the Project Consortium for its “unquestionable service, vision and commitment”.

The ‘Foundations’ Division was then invited to replicate its own Dubai Metro success in two vastly different urban landscapes – the fledgling city of Lusail in neighboring Qatar with a projected population of 250,000; and the historic  Indian city of Chennai in Tamil Nadu – the country’s sixth most populous with 4.7 million residents. 

For the Chennai project, Foundations Division was contracted to undertake major ground engineering works on the Metro’s five underground stations, using state-of-the-art cutting equipment allied to the most sophisticated construction techniques. It was the company’s first major contract in India – providing a strong foothold in a rapidly developing market for foundation infrastructure work. 

For the Lusail Project, ‘Foundations’ were enlisted to install the deep wells and undertake shoring works for four stations. Indeed the Division came up with a smart alternative solution for shoring which reduced the original 8-month schedule by two months – an initiative which proved critical in winning the contract over rival bidders. 

Together, the two divisions have amply demonstrated the capabilities of Al Ghurair Construction – ‘Readymix’ in the field of concrete supply services, and ‘Foundations’ in the highly technical arena of shoring, piling and other ground engineering disciplines.

This trio of Metro Milestones – Dubai, Al Lusail and Chennai – will surely go down in the annuls of urban planning history. They will also remain permanent landmarks in the history of Al Ghurair Construction. We are proud to have enhanced our reputation as a leading exponent of Light Rail Metro Construction – but prouder still to have helped touch the daily lives of seven million people in three great cities around the globe.