As the world evolves so do the thoughts, beliefs and processes here at Al Ghurair Resources. With our capabilities aligned to the evolving demands for canola worldwide, we stand at the forefront of catering to our target markets.

Canola refers to a cultivar of either field mustard or rapeseed and we are catering to our core markets by having a record setting Canola crushing capacity of over 1.5 million metric tonnes a year. We view this as an essential component to meeting the demands in our target markets, where strict quality criteria are in place for the overall oil demand. India, China and other emerging East Asian markets are key partners given the population size and the constant demand for quality.

To recognize that quality, we at Al Ghurair Resources are constantly evolving our research and core methods so that we are in complete synergy, and most importantly our efforts and capabilities are internationally recognized with several compliances with ISO standards and notably the ISCC certifications which focus on sustainability.

This recognition allows continuing progress towards tracking and purchasing only the finest materials and in turn justifies our whole link into providing our market partners with the service and care. We are passionate about participating in this global effort to meet the demands for canola.

Furthermore, consumers now dictate a move towards a health conscious lifestyle. As a mark of our recognition of this shift towards the development of high stability oils and high oleic canola crushing, we offer canola products that are contain the ultimate in omega 3, 6 and 9 which increase the circulation of the heart as well as reduce cholesterol.

Keeping our partners satisfied is our ethos. With foresight, a partnership with the Edible Oils Company of Dubai looks to the future of the next ten years and focuses on the marketplaces of South East Asia and China. The system implemented in place is truly a well oiled machine driven by the determination and successful work philosophy here at Al Ghurair Resources.