A golden field of wheat swishes gently back and forth in a perfect symphony of sound and color – orchestrated by the gentle sigh of nature but composed, from on high, by the deftest hand of all.

A shimmering blaze of yellow makes the eye blink, the heart race, the senses heighten. An earthly ocean of maize, so perfect of form, changing hue in the dappled sunshine – transfixing the gaze and evoking silent thanks for the precious gift of sight.

The towering stalks of the swaying cornfield on eve of harvest – brushing the face of the grateful farmer as he walks among them, bidding a last goodbye – just as they whisper their own goodbyes to the sun which sparked them into life.   

Does man’s most impressive architecture compare to a single ear of corn? Or inspire the poet to write of ‘little heaps of hot-rayed gold; each sheaf a little yellow sun; each binder like Creation’s hand’. We may not  aspire to such beautiful prose. But at Al Ghurair Resources, we know the duty of care we owe ….to the most precious resource of all. 

That duty of care extends to all our stakeholders in the highest of high-stake activities; providing the agricultural resources necessary to produce the foods that sustain life on this little bit of rock we call Planet Earth. That's why our loyal customers are so dependent on the values of Al Ghurair Resources - Commitment, Dependability, Trust.  

We manufacture, supply and trade. But most of all we care. About continuity of supply when global weather conditions are tough. About honoring our commitments whether the market goes high or low. Our word is our contract - and our contract is our word. Unbreakable – like a blade of rice in a hurricane.

Our main focus is on grains, seed crushing and edible oils. We prefer to talk about our customers than ourselves. So, suffice to say that Al Ghurair Resources is the only grain trader in the MENA – Middle East & North Africa – region that has one of the largest crushing plants in the above territory, namely Dubai Oil Mills; and in 2012 broke all previous records for grain trading in a single year, topping the 2 million metric tones mark.   

Of course we are proud of good achievements – but, to Al Ghurair Resources, statistics are not a means in themselves. They are a barometer of our position in the marketplace – a measure of the trust invested in us by our customers; which in turn is a measure of the time, effort and expertise we devote to them.

Reliability is key. Our clients know that we do not just react to their needs. We understand them, anticipate them, pre-empt them; prepare their solutions ahead of time; provide them with the right supply chain. When the market is volatile – prices unpredictable – we give them a ‘heads up’ so they can enhance their own customer relationships.   

Relationships. What is life without them? Our business units may often be a distance removed from the source of our resources – but never from the people behind them. There are days when the sun still penetrates the tinted glass windows of Al Ghurair Resources in the middle of a busy city, a busy day. Penetrates our hearts.

And, just for a moment – a beautiful moment – we get a glimpse of who we really are. The farmer, out in his fields, sheafing his wheat, caressing his corn; replenishing the soil for another bountiful harvest. Giving thanks for the unfathomable gift and cycle of life – and the God-given duty to support it.