Agri-Business is a long game. Garnering the resources – the agricultural commodities – that provide the staples of human and animal nutrition worldwide takes knowledge, patience and, above all, commitment. It also takes time. Time to invest in the most valuable commodity of all. People.

Al Ghurair Resources has been identifying and developing new markets in the animal feed industry for more than quarter of a century. While some competitors look for a ‘quick hit’ and quick returns, ‘AGR’ knows that markets – like agricultural resources themselves – require research, nurturing, nourishment.

That means building relationships with potential customers within these markets. Customers who share our values of transparency and trust – and who value the time and effort we take to spread awareness of our products; to explain their benefits; to promote, educate and enlighten. And all before a single grain or pellet has been sold.

Indeed, long before one Jordanian Dinar or Egyptian Pound had been generated by the latest animal nutrition offering of Al Ghurair Resources, our team of experts had been to Amman and Cairo to engage with the relevant industry sectors – feed millers, farmers, dairy and poultry producers.

We conducted seminars, led by Dr. Rex Newkirk, Director of Research and Business Development at the Canadian International Grains Institute and a world-renowned authority on Animal and Poultry Science. Together, we introduced our Egyptian and Jordanian friends to a product of which they had little prior knowledge. We introduced them to canola meal.

Eager to learn of the latest offerings in the animal nutrition sector, these industry professionals paid rapt attention as the Al Ghurair Resources team explained the science behind the production, propagation and development of canola seed. We showed them the processing of solvent canola meal and revealed the factors that contribute to its high quality.

We demonstrated the differences between traditional high glucosinolate rapeseed meal from India and China – and the high quality canola meal from Al Ghurair Resources. We performed detailed scientific demonstrations showing the feed quality of canola meal when compared to other commonly-fed protein sources, especially soybean meal, sunflower meal and corn DDGS.

On a practical level, we supplied feeding guidelines for poultry, aquaculture and cattle formulation – and a valuation of canola meal in common diets, along with tips to maximize the intake of lactating dairy cows. For the main challenge of selling canola meal in fledgling markets hinges on building confidence among feed mills and farms that it can sustain high levels of production in poultry and dairy diets.

So for four, five hours questions flew, discussions ensued, introductions were made and relationships blossomed with a firm handshake, a soft smile and a reassuring hand on heart. Since then, our experts have also traveled to Vietnam in order to introduce canola meal to the South-East Asian feed market.

We could do all this from a distance of course. Especially in the internet and social media age. But to us, building confidence in a product begins with building confidence in the people behind it. Building relationships.

That’s how Al Ghurair Resources likes to do business….