The ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks knew something about Construction that is as true today as it was then: If you want to build something to it with concrete! In the thousands of years since, the chemistry of concrete has remained remarkably unchanged.

Basic masonry aggregates – originally crushed stone, rock and sand – are bound together with water, limestone and additives; otherwise known as cement; shaped to form and left to harden. The result? All the great citadels of civilization from the Acropolis to Burj Khalifa.

That’s not to say production processes for the world’s most widely used building material have stood still through the ages. Aggregates have changed; strengthening agents added and overall standards enhanced. But until the advent of Ready Mix, quality and consistency could never be guaranteed.

Ready Mix can best be described as concrete that is manufactured in a factory or ‘batching plant’, according to precise specifications, and delivered to the construction site ‘ready to use’. It has many advantages over traditional concrete, including reduced material wastage, lower labor costs and reduced storage costs.

The single biggest advantage, however, is the consistency and quality of the end product. Before Ready Mix, quality control for concrete produced on site was variable at best and a constant worry for engineers and construction companies alike.

The first Ready Mix factory was built in the 1930s but the industry didn’t really take off globally until the 1980’s – which happened to coincide with the Dubai building boom. Al Ghurair Construction embraced the ready mix revolution, setting up its own Ready Mix Division in 1985.

In the three decades since, AGC – Readymix LLC has successfully delivered more than 14 million cubic metres of RMC to construction projects in Dubai alone, with millions more supplied to sites in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Today it has a production capacity of more than 1,000 cubic metres every hour.

But long before a single batch is delivered to site, it has to undergo a battery of tests that rank among the most rigorous in the Construction industry. The AGC – Readymix plants deploy the latest computer technology to ensure the quality and consistency pivotal to RMC production.

All incoming raw materials are examined in minute detail. Water is tested to BS 3148 and Cement is subjected to monthly physical tests and chemical analysis to ensure compliance to BS and ASTM standards. The same standards apply to Aggregates which are checked daily for grading and related properties.

Many other physical and chemical tests are carried out both by AGC Readymix and independent laboratories. Washed sand is tested for chlorides, sulphates and silt content by Dubai Municipality. And despite all incoming materials being subjected to such scrutiny, the outgoing concrete is tested AGAIN, with all loads checked for slump and workability.

Such attention to detail has earned Al Ghurair Construction – Readymix a slew of ISO, BS and other International Standards Certifications. To name but a few, the company has earned ISO 9001 for Design, Production and Supply of RMC; ISO 14001 for Environmental Management and OHSAS 18001 for Occupational Health & Safety. Most recently it was awarded the DCL/Dubai Municipality DMS 026 for Plant & Truck Conformity.

In turn, all this has earned AGC – Readymix the confidence and trust of its customers throughout the UAE and beyond. For 30 years the company has, quite literally, helped cement the development of Dubai – and that’s a concrete fact!