Commitment to a worthwhile cause says a lot about who we are – and there can surely be no greater commitment than to the cause of education. It is the essential cornerstone of family, of country…. of any nation laying claim to the mantle of a civilized society.

The late leader of the UAE, President Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, said that a country’s greatest investment lies in building generations of knowledgeable youth – a philosophy embraced and embodied by Al Ghurair University.

The non-profit making institution was founded in 1999 with a mission that could have been written by the ‘Father of the Nation’ himself – ‘to serve the national and regional community through equipping young generations with the necessary knowledge and skills to contribute to the development and productivity of their communities’. 

Sense of community is at the very heart of Al Ghurair University – ‘AGU’ as it is commonly known. Located in an attractive setting at Dubai Academic City, it offers a comprehensive set of accredited programs specifically tailored to serve the needs of the UAE and wider Gulf.

Honesty, compassion, respect, responsibility and courage – the five main ingredients of true citizenship is what Al Ghurair University, the education arm of Al Ghurair, strives towards in everything it does. Even more all-embracing is its true purpose of commitment to the cause of education which is to produce good citizens – our future nation builders.

AGU does not believe its job is only to teach. Rather, it sees itself as a vital cog in the wheel of nation building – channeling new graduates into sectors of employment and entrepreneurship that will empower them to become future leaders of UAE Society.

Advocating ‘career education’, Al Ghurair University teaches students to manage and take responsibility for their career paths. Furthermore, the University provides experiences that foster student self-discovery and deliver programs that help students develop the personal, academic and professional skills and relationships needed for successful transition into diverse and global communities.

AGU Career Fair is part of a structured year-round campaign designed to match individual student skills to particular employment sector requirements. These activities include psychometric assessments, advice clinics, career counseling, ongoing contact with business and industry, multiple internships, company visits, interaction with employers and career development programs.

Equipping young Emiratis to find rewarding careers is satisfying enough. But the real reward – as the late Sheikh Zayed said – is in building generations of knowledgeable youth dedicated to the service of their beloved UAE.