When the UAE was young and little more than a sun-baked desert landscape, a small flour mill opened in the sleepy outpost of Bur Dubai. The year was 1976; the ‘Union’ was in its infancy; infrastructure meant truck or camel-hewn tracks; facilities were   basic and visibility was poor – both inside the mill and out. Such were the humble beginnings of Al Ghurair Foods.

The grandly-named ‘National Flour Mills’ meant one thing – and one thing only – to hardy locals and the first generation of expatriate workers. Bread. Plentiful, bountiful, beautiful, nutritious bread. Simpler times of course. Simpler needs. But in all the years since, Al Ghurair Foods has never once run out of wheat to deliver flour to the marketplace.

Today, more than three decades later, we mill over 360,000 tonnes of flour a year – enough to make 600 million loaves of bread. But none as important as the very first ones baked, in little bakeries…. in a little country, baking in the sun. The same sun that nourishes the wheat, that provides the flour, to nourish the people of the UAE and far beyond.

We, at Al Ghurair, call it our ‘Philosophy of Food’. A bit grand perhaps. Even sentimental. But, without this most basic necessity, mankind cannot aspire to its loftier ideals – faith, education, the arts, science and humanities. A hungry stomach cannot fuel a hungry mind. So we take great pride in what we do.

Al Ghurair Foods has grown like the successive generations we have helped, quite literally, to nourish. By the Grace of God, we have become a multi-product manufacturing enterprise with a market presence in more than 50 countries and a customer base on four continents. We like to think…..that people like our food!

It is of course a universal need – and there can be few more universal suppliers than Al Ghurair Foods; a trusted producer since these heady days of 1976 when no-one knew the meaning of global ‘One Stop Shop’ or even heard of many of the countries we now supply. Dijibouti, Benin and Burkina Faso to name but a few.   

From Thailand to Taiwan, Malaysia to Morocco, Japan to Jordan, the Foods Division manufactures and supplies rice, pasta, pulses, edible oils and a host of pre-packaged consumer favorites. The volumes we produce are huge – but only because of the huge appreciation our products receive at dinner tables, canteens and restaurants around the globe.

We supply pasta to 36 countries and noodles to 18. Our oats are exported to 15 countries including India, China, Japan and most of the Arab world. Quality of product; timely delivery; the most competitive price – these are the staple ingredients of a partnership with Al Ghurair Foods. And most of all, trust.

But trust can never be taken for granted. It depends on lasting commitment – a commitment to enhance the lives of our customers, generation after generation, with fine foods to meet not only nutritional needs but to improve the flavor and quality of life in every way.

Just like a simple loaf of bread, in a simple land…..36 years ago.