Most well-known companies have traditionally been recognized through their product brand. Goods and services that find favor with consumers can lead to generations of loyal customers and a brand label held in universal high regard. But what about the company as an ‘employer brand’. Is it a good place to work?

No company can declare itself to be a great employer. Such a designation can only come from the employees themselves. And if they form such a judgment, these employees can be a powerful tool in driving awareness of the company and what is stands for.

Al Ghurair Investment (AGI) recognizes the importance of employer branding and the benefits it can bring. First, employees who feel valued deliver added value in return. People who feel ‘proud’ to work for a company, take greater pride in their work. They are more enthusiastic, pro-active and ultimately, more productive.

Creating such an environment leads to viral marketing, where employees ‘spread the word’ about good management practices to their co-workers, friends, families; even to strangers on airplanes. Whether it be in professional or social settings, employees saying their firm is a good place to work has a significantly higher impact than the company saying the same thing about itself.

In a well-branded firm, employees pro-actively telling positive stories within the organization builds pride and increases staff retention rates. Told to an external audience, the same stories increase the number and quality of employee referrals for vacant positions. In short, the company retains the best and recruits the best.

However, a great employment brand does not just increase candidate awareness of the company as a good place to work. It informs potential applicants about those specific management practices that make it a good place to work. At Al Ghurair Investment each business division makes it an integral part of their performance objectives to educate potential applicants about their best practices.

This entails highlighting these practices at tradeshow booths, in recruiting materials, in the annual report – and on the company’s website, which is the starting point for many potential jobseekers. From these various sources, applicants learn some core essentials about AGI as an employer brand, namely that it:

  • • Regards its employees as its biggest asset and part of a Corporate Family
  • • Wants motivated people intent on an exciting career – not just a job
  • • Guides and mentors employees to achieve their full potential
  • • Rewards employees for exceptional performance and long service

There is also a major indirect benefit for existing and potential employees. Working for a good employer brand enhances the personal brand of applicants chosen by that employer. For example, Al Ghurair Investment is known for eco-friendly business practices and community-based CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Programs. Its employees enthusiastically support these programs with voluntary charity efforts.

This kind of synergy stems from a company culture of sharing and continuous improvement. Internally, many events are conducted for the top 100 leaders within the company, and for all employees, “training is for life”. Externally AGI leads waste management efforts and promotes adoption of best practices among leading corporates.

Working for a great employer brand – exemplified by sound business ethics, good governance and social responsibility – is a badge of honor that an employee wears with pride. The empowerment of employees through social media and company intranet helps develop that brand; recruiting the brightest and the best to the ultimate benefit of the company’s customers.

In the end, it is for our clients to judge whether AGI employees are exceptional, enabled and committed to meeting customer needs at every turn. And it is for our employees to judge whether Al Ghurair Investment represents a good employer brand. We have empowered them to tell you. It is not our judgment to make....