The people of Japan have truly exacting standards when it comes to consuming non-Japanese food produced from outside their country. Al Ghurair Foods plays a vital role in this global phenomenon allowing the people of Japan to take pleasure in our carefully crafted Spaghetti.

Our Pastadaro brand is ranked amongst the top ten selling brands in Japan and which include all domestic imported brands. The dedication and diligence that we instill in our work provides an uncompromised level of service to our international partners.

We are the sole provider of pasta from the UAE to the Japanese market. Constantly being measured by extensive audits and product testing ensures that only the strictest and highest standards are acceptable. With our meticulous and hard working attitude, we at Al Ghurair Foods are able to match and deliver on these demanding standards. Rigorous training and product knowledge development are integral to our daily working schedule.

Education also plays a major role in our outlook and what we achieve at Al Ghurair Foods; commitment to our customers is a serious task and one which we do not take lightly. For instance, the management actively encourages feedback and advice from Japanese customers, so much so that we employ Japanese staff and are constantly updating our technology, amongst other critical components, to ensure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to servicing our market partners in the style and level that they are accustomed to.

Japan is one of the leading consumers of pasta in Asia; a staggering 220,000 Metric Tonnes of the product is consumed with a breakdown of 50% domestic and 50% imported. The views of our customers and partners are of paramount importance to us; a commitment to quality at every stage of production and manufacturing ensures that in a country where excellence means everything, only the finest ingredients arrive on the Japanese tables from Al Ghurair Foods.