It's about commitment

  • Growing Good Relationships

    Agri-Business is a long game. Garnering the resources – the agricultural commodities – that provide the staples of human and animal nutrition worldwide takes knowledge, patience and, above all, commitment. It also takes time. Time to invest in the most valuable commodity of all. more

    Growing Good Relationships
  • From Camel to Camelot

    The late Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum famously said: “My grandfather rode a camel, my father rode a camel, I drive a Mercedes, my son drives a Land Rover, his son will drive a Land Rover, but his son will ride a camel”. Sheikh Rashid was not really making a prophecy but delivering a warning – about the consequences of misusing the oil revenues that had begun to flow in 1971. read more

    From Camel to Camelot
  • Governance & The Family Business

    Rules have always been a double-edged sword. There are rules we love and rules we love to hate; rules that demand compliance and rules that are a gentle appeal to our common sense; rules that are petty and infuriating – and rules that are pivotal to social order and a civilized society. read more

    Governance & The Family Business
  • Ever-Reliable Ready Mix

    The ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks knew something about Construction that is as true today as it was then: If you want to build something to it with concrete! In the thousands of years since, the chemistry of concrete has remained remarkably unchanged. read more

    Ever-Reliable Ready Mix
  • Nojoum – ‘Home from Home’

    Hotels are an intrinsic part of the travel experience – but can soon make one yearn for the cosy familiarity of home. Imagine having the best of both worlds; all the comforts of home combined with the convenience of staying in a hotel. The Hotel Apartments sector was created to fill that niche. And for visitors to Dubai, one name stands out as the ultimate ‘home from home’ – Nojoum. read more

    Nojoum – ‘Home from Home’
  • Flour - Food of the Ages

    Long before the invention of the wheel, early man discovered that breaking a head of grain between two stones could yield a valuable new food source. In doing so, the process of milling was born. For millennia thereafter, stone milling remained the only way to turn grain into flour – the ‘staff of life’ on which civilizations were built. read more

    Flour - Food of the Ages
  • Al Ghurair as Employer Brand

    Most well-known companies have traditionally been recognized through their product brand. Goods and services that find favor with consumers can lead to generations of loyal customers and a brand label held in universal high regard. But what about the company as an ‘employer brand’. Is it a good place to work? read more

    Al Ghurair as Employer Brand
  • A Climate of Change

    In 1824 when the existence of the “greenhouse effect” was first argued by physicist Joseph Fourier, it was dismissed as a crackpot theory and laughed out of court. Ninety years on, global temperatures are soaring; ice caps are melting; ocean levels are rising and the ozone layer is thinning. The activities of mankind have changed our climate – and no-one is laughing any more. read more

    A Climate of Change
  • Delightfully Different Deira

    Sitting on the northern flank of Dubai Creek, Deira was once an independent township with its own tribal history and ruler. Today, many centuries later, it is part and parcel of Dubai – but looks and feels decidedly different. It’s the feisty little town that refused to surrender its identity when swallowed up by its bigger neighbour – and is now a sparkling jewel in that neighbour’s crown. read more

    Delightfully Different Deira
  • The Rise and Rise of Retail

    Al Ghurair Retail has been earmarked as an important source of potential new growth as the Gulf sector continues to expand and the UAE consolidates its position as the region’s most sophisticated retail market. Parent Group Al Ghurair Investment is constantly seeking fresh opportunities and recognizes the increasingly important role of Retail in the UAE economy – particularly Dubai, where it contributes 12% of GDP. read more

    The Rise and Rise of Retail
  • When Local goes Global

    The Japanese just love their noodles – and have a keen palate for pasta. But the noodles are not exclusively ‘made in Japan’ and the pasta doesn’t all come from Italy. A sizeable proportion of both is imported from the UAE and carries the name of Al Ghurair Foods. read more

    When Local goes Global
  • Supporting Families Worldwide

    When the ‘big ships’ started to dock with regularity in the mid 1970’s , disgorging their human cargo on to the quaysides of Dubai, there was only one thought in the minds of that early generation of expatriates who arrived from the sub-continent and beyond: To make money and send it home to their families. The first was easier than the second. read more

    Supporting Families Worldwide
  • The Name for Innovation

    There are times when it’s all in the name. Al Ghurair Resources may be in the business of agricultural commodities – but its own ‘resourcefulness’ is perhaps the company’s most valuable commodity of all. Over four decades, the Resources division of Al Ghurair Investment has never stood still; always researching, experimenting, developing; coming up with new processes and products that add value for its customers and boost its own bottom line. read more

    The Name for Innovation
  • More Than a Mall

    Once upon a time in Dubai there was not a single shopping mall. International brands were inaccessible and often unknown; ‘high fashion’ was the sole preserve of those privileged enough to vacation in London, Paris or Rome – while ex-pat wives had to content themselves with shopping ‘expeditions’ that took them no further than the sofa and a mail-order catalogue. It was 1980 and Dubai was indeed a fashion ‘desert’. But things were about to more

    More Than a Mall
  • Unloading the Staples of Life

    In a region that imports up to 90% of its food, an enterprise that sources and ships agricultural commodities is no ordinary company – it is a vital lifeline for the entire population of the Arabian Gulf. Al Ghurair Resources has been providing that lifeline for more than 40 more

    Unloading the Staples of Life
  • Pioneering Cleaner Energy

    Sourcing the agricultural commodities on which human life depends cannot help but generate a special appreciation of nature, the environment – and of the small and wondrous planet we all call home. And so it is with Al Ghurair Resources.
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    Pioneering Cleaner Energy
  • Mission Impossible?

    It was just after 8 on a Thursday evening when the call came through to the noisy case room of Al Ghurair Printing & Publishing. Officials of the World Bank and United Nations were on the line – and they had a problem. Six hundred thousand election ballot papers had been seized and burned by rebels intent on sabotaging the first elections in an aspiring African democracy. read more

    Mission Impossible?
  • The China Connection

    In modern history Chinese interest in the Arabian Peninsula can be traced back to the 17th century and is occasionally cited as an example of early globalization. In truth, it was the ancient world that spawned the first trade links, on the rough-hewn desert trails which became collectively known as ‘The Silk Road’.read more

    The China Connection
  • Only the Brave...

    In 1967 the land we now call the UAE was not an independent country. Indeed, it wasn’t a country at all – merely a collection of seven small Sheikhdoms about to lose the British protection they had enjoyed since the end of the previous century. In Dubai, the Pearling Industry was all but dead; economic hardship was rife; oil had yet to begin flowing – and the whole Arab world was still reeling from the fallout of the Six Day War. read more

    Only the Brave...
  • Of Flour and Fairy Tales

    Half way through the colorful 3000 year history of Indian Ocean jewel Sri Lanka, the island was known by another name – Serendib. More than a thousand years later, the name passed into the English language when an 18th century author used it to form an entirely new word: Serendipity. read more

    Of Flour and Fairy Tales
  • Where The Customer is King

    In the year 90 C.E, not long into the first millennium, the world’s first multi-level emporium was built – today we call it a shopping mall. In the last year of the second millennium, Al Ghurair Investment set up a Retail Division. Separated by nearly 2000 years, the events are nevertheless related. For both were designed to provide a new experience for the shoppers of the day!
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    Where The Customer is King
  • The Spirit of Giving

    Al Ghurair’s family of employees is made up of many nationalities and religions – but all embrace Ramadan as a special time which strengthens our bonds and brings out the best in us. Most of all, it’s a time to reflect on our many blessings – and to give a helping hand to the less fortunate. Ramadan may be a time of spiritual renewal for Muslims, but the ‘Spirit of Ramadan’ uplifts us all.
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    The Spirit of Giving
  • The Miracle of Eggs

    It’s a riddle that has occupied the finest scientific minds for a millennium and more: Which came first – the chicken or the egg? Even the brightest brains at Al Ghurair Foods might be reluctant to enter that particular debate. But it’s fair to say that’s probably the ONLY thing about chickens and eggs that our ‘poultry people’ don’t know for certain.
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    The Miracle of Eggs
  • Building the Nation Builders

    Commitment to a worthwhile cause says a lot about who we are – and there can surely be no greater commitment than to the cause of education. It is the essential cornerstone of family, of country…. of any nation laying claim to the mantle of a civilized society. read more

    Building the Nation Builders
  • The Real Meaning of CSR

    Until recently CSR was a little-known acronym – especially in the Gulf and wider Middle East. Today, an increasing number of people know that it stands for Corporate Social Responsibility read more

    The Real Meaning of CSR
  • Born of the Sun

    When the UAE was young and little more than a sun-baked desert landscape, a small flour mill opened in the sleepy outpost of Bur Dubai. The year was 1976; the ‘Union’ was in its infancy; infrastructure meant truck or camel-hewn tracks; facilities were basic and visibility was poor – both inside the mill and out. Such were the humble beginnings of Al Ghurair Foods.
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    Born of the Sun
  • Harvest of Life

    A golden field of wheat swishes gently back and forth in a perfect symphony of sound and color – orchestrated by the gentle sigh of nature but composed, from on high, by the deftest hand of all. read more

    Harvest of Life
  • Metro Milestones

    When Al Ghurair Construction was first approached over the Dubai Metro project in the early years of the 21st century, the stakes could not have been higher. For this was to become much more than a light rail network. It would signal the start of an entirely new era for Dubai’s transport services – one that would go on to enhance the daily lives of the emirate’s citizens. At work, at rest, and at play. read more

    Metro Milestones
  • A Community of Its Own

    From the perspective of livability, the measure of a successful community can be defined using three spheres - authenticity, inclusion and resilience. An epitome of rich cultural heritage, UAE’s first mall and prominent landmark, Al Ghurair Centre is an altruistic example of building the city’s character of authenticity; navigating with time. read more

    A Community of Its Own
  • A Product For Japan To Savour

    The people of Japan have truly exacting standards when it comes to consuming non-Japanese food produced from outside their country. Al Ghurair Foods plays a vital role in this global phenomenon allowing the people of Japan to take pleasure in our carefully crafted Spaghetti. read more

    A Product For Japan To Savour
  • Meeting the Global Demand for Canola

    As the world evolves so do the thoughts, beliefs and processes here at Al Ghurair Resources. With our capabilities aligned to the evolving demands for canola worldwide, we stand at the forefront of catering to our target markets. read more

    Meeting the Global Demand for Canola
  • Building the Burj Khalifa

    From single-storey dwellings in the sand to the tallest building on earth – the UAE has come a long way in less than 40 years. A technological wonder it may be, but Burj Khalifa in Dubai is also the shimmering symbol of a young nation’s lofty aspirations and burgeoning capabilities. read more

    Building the Burj Khalifa
  • Impacting lives

    When a child in rural Africa picks up a learning text; when a blind student in the Gulf eagerly runs her fingers over a book in braille; when the UN distributes pamphlets giving life-saving advice to the isolated and impoverished; there’s a good chance that the pages being read…..were printed by Al Ghurair.
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    Impacting lives