Al Ghurair offers passionate and forward thinking minds, a diverse range of careers in our core areas of expertise. If you relish a challenge and believe in making a difference, we warmly invite you to discover the career possibilities available within our organization. 



Whichever career path presents itself, you will be joining one of the largest diversified industrial groups in the Middle East; one built on the time-honored values of honesty, integrity and respect. Whatever your qualifications now, or the skills you will later develop, these core values you must share with us from the very outset.



Working Environment

We believe that good work is more likely to be achieved in a good working environment and that the wellbeing and performance of team members cannot be separated from each other. At Al Ghurair we set a welcoming and harmonious atmosphere where all feel secure, appreciated and part of a “family” dedicated to excellence, teamwork and success.

Our Reach

The opportunities presented by a career with Al Ghurair can be gauged from the breadth and diversity of our activities – operations and market reach spanning more than 20 countries globally, a customer base on four continents and involvement in myriad industries ranging from Printing to Properties,FMCG to Construction, Resources to Energy and Retail to Education. How far could you reach in a career with Al Ghurair?


At Al Ghurair we are committed to fulfilling all legal requirements placed upon us; producing products which meet the highest international standards - and to conducting ourselves and our businesses in a moral and ethical manner reflecting our belief in good citizenship. We are an equal opportunity employer and never discriminate on grounds of gender, race, colour, religion or age; indeed we have a multi-cultural workforce of more than 50 nationalities. As part of the ‘global community’, we believe our responsibility is not only to our employees, customers, partners and other stakeholders, but to the planet we live on, the peoples who inhabit it – and the generations yet to come.